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The Sideroad: The place to find practical advice, straight from the experts.

Restaurant Voice: Offers expert advice from food service consultants for food service and restaurant management.


Michael Andrew ChwastiakMichael Andrew Chwastiak founded the business under the name "mediaCollision" in 1997, selling the house and leaving a top Fortune 500 company to pursue the field.

His original Sideroad Ezine ran from 1997-1999, and " often quoted as having been a trail blazer in the field of digital publishing." The newest iteration of The Sideroad relaunched in Feb. 2004, and was a financial success within months. It has reached over 10 million people in the past five years. 

He is an English/Drama graduate from the University of Guelph ('91), and has a diploma in Radio & TV Arts from Seneca College ('95).

Mike invites you to follow him on Twitter @

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